Sunday, March 10, 2013

Breakfast Parfait

I am always trying to cook with ingredients that are in season, because they taste better.
Grapefruit is in season now, and soo yummy.  I am obsessed.  Rather than just eating them plain, I made up this non traditional yogurt parfait.

There really isn't an exact recipe, but here is how I did it.

Grapefruit Yogurt Parfait
About 1/2 Cup of Non Fat Plain Greek Yogurt
One Whole Grapefruit, Sectioned

To make this, all you do is layer the ingredients in the order as you see above.  The hardest part is sectioning the grapefruit, and if you don't know how take a look at this video.  Once sectioned, I like to squeeze the rest of the juice out of over top.  Depending how sweet your grapefruit is, will determine how much honey you will need.  Usually I just use about a tablespoon.  Omit the cinnamon if you tend to get heartburn, but I like the flavor it adds.  All you need is a sprinkle, and then crush a handful of walnuts over the top.

Just like the banana pancake recipe I posted a couple of weeks ago, you can substitute with any fruit.  I have tried it with oranges, and that is really good too.  Choose fruits that are in season,  and it will always taste better!

Hope you are out enjoying this beautiful Sunday!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday No Guilt "Pancakes"

I pinned this recipe a few months ago, but was waiting until I had some ripe bananas to try it.
The best part's only 4 ingredients!

Just mash together 1 ripe banana, 2 eggs, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla extract.
I used coconut oil to cook them, and just a sprinkling of powered sugar to finish it off.  It really is sweet enough on its own, but you could top it with yogurt, nut butter, or anything you are feeling!

This recipe definitely filled my craving for pancakes without the guilt.
I may experiment with other fruits, like blueberries too.

Excited for tonight, the Oscars are on!!  Anyone having an Oscars party?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Spring Trends Debuted at The Golden Globes

After a looong break of blogging, I was inspired to get back on the horse again by the kick off of the awards season, the Golden Globes.

Two reasons why I LOVE awards season...
1.  I am a huge movie and tv buff.
2.  Most importantly, the fashion.  It gets me in the mood for spring!

Here are the trends I saw:

Black & White


Ice Blue



Statement Jewelry

I really liked that some of the celebrities tried multiple trends in one look.  
My favorite of the night was Jessica Alba.  
All of these trends can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe.  Some you may already have in your wardrobe.
Which of these trends is your favorite?

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