Tuesday, March 27, 2012

15 Spring Jackets in 3 Days - Day Three Faux Leather

Day Three Faux Leather Jackets.
Here are five affordable jackets with something for every style!

Well, that is the end of the 15 Spring Jackets in three days!
Hopefully you found this helpful for your spring shopping!

Heading to NYC this weekend, and cannot wait to report back next week 
on all the shopping and trends :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

15 Spring Jackets in 3 Days - Day Two Denim

Day Two: Denim Jackets
Five different affordable denim jackets.

Great paired with a dress, long or short sleeve tee.

Which is your style?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

15 Spring Jackets in 3 Days - Day One Trench Coats

Within the next 3 days, I am going to bring you 15 Affordable Spring Jackets.
Day One: Trench Coats
Here are five different affordable Trench Coat styles I found.

Stay tuned the next two days for 10 more Spring Jacket Styles!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easy Re-purposed Vintage Brooch Necklace

I was inspired by this necklace that I found on Pintrest, which retails for about $200!

I found the vintage brooch below at a vintage shop for $33, and had the teal beaded necklace.

All you have to do is pin the brooch to the front of the necklace, 
and VOILA your very own, one of a kind Vintage Brooch Necklace.

The great thing about the brooch is that it's not permanently on the necklace, 
and can put it on another beaded necklace for a totally different look!
I'm in love with this, and will be visiting the vintage store again very soon!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Arm Candy

Stacking bracelets is a fairly new trend, but trend setters around the world are 
taking their arm candy to another level. 
With this trend there are no rules!
You can mix materials, and colors(even gold and silver).

Some arm candy that I wore this weekend
Nixon Watch, American Eagle wrap bracelets, and gifted bracelet from Hong Kong
Also sporting my new fav neon nail polish, China Glaze Pool Party

Here are a couple pictures of some arm candy or swag from my 
two favorite blogs I follow, Song of Style and The Blond Salad.
Aimee and Chiara are both rockin the friendship bracelets, which I LOVE!
It is so nostalgic of middle and high school for me.
I also love the pop of color they add to the stacked look.
I was never able to make those bracelets in school, so I am sure that I still can't now...
yesterday I ordered a couple off of Etsy, and will blog about them once I get them.
Hope you all had a great weekend!  Start your bracelet collection now, this is a great look for summer!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Priti NYC Nail Polish at Noto

I was super excited when my lovely friend Lauren (owner of NOTO Boutique in Akron, Ohio) 
gave me a bottle of PRITI NYC nail polish to try!

PRITI NYC Polish is a luxurious, eco-friendly line that is non-toxic, 
and both carcinogenic and formaldehyde free.
Great for everyone, and safe for children and moms to be!

I found that the nail polish had a nice saturated color, so two coats were perfect.
It went on easily, and dried faster than any other non-quick dry polish that I have tried!!
It took about 5 days before it chipped, which is the same as I have found with Essie and OPI.
I LOVE that there is a wide variety of both classic and fashion forward colors.
My review is an A+!! The "+" is for the eco-friendly aspect of this product.
Hurry down to Noto Boutique in Akron to get yourself a bottle or two!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Target Women's Spring Shoe Selection

Over a month ago I saw a Target magazine ad with a bunch of great heels and wedges. 
I got really excited, and knew that I needed to keep my eye out for them 
or they would be gone!
This weekend my Target got all of those shoes in, so I took some pictures for you.
Honestly, this is the best selection I have seen at Target at one time!
Prices range from $12.99 - $29.99

Great jewel tone color, and resemble a pair from Dolce Vita for $180!
(only difference is that theirs have a wedge heel)

These are classic, and would go with a lot.  Also come in a nude color.

Bad photo, but shows both colors...grey/yellow and blue/green
Here is a better website photo:
These are my fav and are on sale online right now for $21!!

These are the kids, but they have Women's for $12.99 in a bunch of fun colors.
Great slip on weekend or casual Friday work shoe.

Target does an amazing job at making a "look for less" of some popular designer shoes.
I LOVE all of these, and will have to choose which I will buy(and soon).
Which of these styles do you like for Spring?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Urban Outfitters Spring Look

This is a look from the March 2012 UO Spring Catalog.
I just love the tank with the high waisted maxi skirt, it is such an effortless sexy look.

Items from this outfit:

All of these pieces are good staples for spring, and would easily mix with lots of other outfits.
A leather flat form wedge is a must for spring/summer.
The hat is a great addition to your wardrobe.  
I really like this one from F21, and it is only $14!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wear Green

Everyone is Irish at least one day a year!
St. Patrick's Day is that day, and it falls on a Saturday this year!!
I usually spend St. Patrick's Day in Chicago, which is amazing, and I
definitely recommend trying at least once.  
This year, I will be home in Akron.
While I am still finalizing my plans, I am also thinking about what to wear!
If you are having trouble finding things, don't worry I have done the work for you!!

This is a trendier sweater, and would be great paired with skinny jeans and flats.

Cute, Comfy and Warm!!

If you want a bit dressier look.

If you are feeling extra festive!!

This is cotton, but great to wear with a white v-neck tee shirt if you get cold easy.

These jeans are super cute, and would be a great add to your wardrobe!

Like this is bright green, to contrast a kelly green shirt.

Hope you have a Happy St. Patrick's Day, and happy shopping!
Email me pictures of your outfits at greigedreams@gmail.com, 
I would love to see what you all come up with!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

Sunday, for me is usually filled with shopping, researching and blogging.
Here are just a few things that I did today.

I am always so obsessed with buying NEW nail polish, but never think to look through
my tub of old nail polish.  Today I did just that, and I found this color!
Forgot I had this, and it is so cute and on trend right now.  
Try going through your older nail polish, you might be surprised what you can find, 
and save yourself some money!!

Sundays, I usually try to avoid the mall, and shop online or at local boutiques.
Today I made a quick stop at Room9 Boutique in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
There were lots of cute tops in fun polka dot and floral prints.
For $10 I found this really cute bright red ring...

Sunday is also a great day to have breakfast or brunch for dinner.
Tonight my dad made some amazing quiche! 
Below is a spinach and broccoli quiche, made with all fresh ingredients.
Pair it will a nice salad, and ta daaaa perfect dinner!

When I went to my parents for dinner I was so excited because all of
my new magazines and catalogs had come!
Below is a page from the Spring Anthro catalog of some great skinnes.
Their clothes are usually a bit pricey, but I always get great inspiration from the catalog.
Really diggin the floral jeans!!

What do you like to do on your Sunday Fun Day??