Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wear Green

Everyone is Irish at least one day a year!
St. Patrick's Day is that day, and it falls on a Saturday this year!!
I usually spend St. Patrick's Day in Chicago, which is amazing, and I
definitely recommend trying at least once.  
This year, I will be home in Akron.
While I am still finalizing my plans, I am also thinking about what to wear!
If you are having trouble finding things, don't worry I have done the work for you!!

This is a trendier sweater, and would be great paired with skinny jeans and flats.

Cute, Comfy and Warm!!

If you want a bit dressier look.

If you are feeling extra festive!!

This is cotton, but great to wear with a white v-neck tee shirt if you get cold easy.

These jeans are super cute, and would be a great add to your wardrobe!

Like this is bright green, to contrast a kelly green shirt.

Hope you have a Happy St. Patrick's Day, and happy shopping!
Email me pictures of your outfits at greigedreams@gmail.com, 
I would love to see what you all come up with!!

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