Monday, March 19, 2012

Arm Candy

Stacking bracelets is a fairly new trend, but trend setters around the world are 
taking their arm candy to another level. 
With this trend there are no rules!
You can mix materials, and colors(even gold and silver).

Some arm candy that I wore this weekend
Nixon Watch, American Eagle wrap bracelets, and gifted bracelet from Hong Kong
Also sporting my new fav neon nail polish, China Glaze Pool Party

Here are a couple pictures of some arm candy or swag from my 
two favorite blogs I follow, Song of Style and The Blond Salad.
Aimee and Chiara are both rockin the friendship bracelets, which I LOVE!
It is so nostalgic of middle and high school for me.
I also love the pop of color they add to the stacked look.
I was never able to make those bracelets in school, so I am sure that I still can't now...
yesterday I ordered a couple off of Etsy, and will blog about them once I get them.
Hope you all had a great weekend!  Start your bracelet collection now, this is a great look for summer!!

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  1. I have SO many friendship bracelets from when I went to Peru. I love the layered boho look :)