Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Wear Neon

Here are a few rules on wearing neon colors:

1.  Wear it with a neutral, like Emma and Blake did so beautifully.

2. Wear it with black.

3.  Wear it on your lips, just make sure that you pair it with neutral eye shadow.

4.  Wear it on your nails.  It is a safe way to test a bold color like this. 
A great look for the nails would also be to do all neutral nails,
but just paint the ring fingers with the bright color.

As you can see, neon colors should be worn as a pop of color, not an entire ensemble.
Follow these simple rules, and you will look flawless.
Check back tomorrow...I will post some of my favorite affordable neon items, and where you can buy them!

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