Monday, May 7, 2012


Last Saturday was the NOTO Fashion Show!  
We walked in, and were immediately handed a gift bag :)
In the gift bags were, some reading materials, business cards(mine included),
sunglasses, and locally made Noto hand lotion.

The show started with a local designer showcase challenge.
It was really cool, because we all got to vote via smart phones for our favorite!
The well-deserved winner was Kent State student, Natalie Sullinger, 
who will get to sell her clothing at Noto this summer.

Next, the show went straight into the Noto Summer 2012 line.
The line was full of really great dresses and skirts in fun prints and colors.
All of the jewelry was from Dogwood Design, who I featured in my post last Friday.

Here are just a few looks from the show.
Immediately following the show, Lauren pulled back the curtains to reveal her pop-up store!
The store was flooded with attendees wanting to grab that dress that they loved from the show.
I really liked a lot of the dresses, and could have seen myself 
in just about all of them this summer, but limited myself to one.
I got a cream and red print dress with cutouts on the sides, and a blue & gold
spike necklace from Dogwood.

Here are a few friends and I before the show.
My outfit: Top and skirt from H&M, Calvin Klein Shoes, watch Nixon, 
bracelets and necklaces various


  1. Thanks Jessica!! It was great seeing you the other night! Can't wait for the event coming up :)

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