Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trend - Rhinestone Necklaces

Rhinestone Necklaces are a trend that I have been following/coveting for the past few months.
These necklaces are not just for weddings and special occasions anymore!

Here are a few blogger looks I found on Refined Style:
Neon on watercolor floral

Fancy mixed with a basic staple, a denim shirt

Spray painted white.  You could do this with any color, for a great inexpensive 
statement necklace!

Loving this layered look

Not sure where the blogger necklaces are from, but here are are some I found, if you want to try this look.

 Mixed trend of faux collar with rhinestones from Asos

Vintage from Etsy
This one would look great spray painted!

Neon from Etsy

What are your thoughts on this trend? Is it something you already have or will try??

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