Saturday, April 21, 2012

Barbie Beauty

I just love this fun Barbie-esque beauty look!
Definitely not your everyday look, but for a fun night out with the girls, this is perfect!!

To complete this look you will need the following:
Bright pink lipstick (don't spend a lot, if it is not a color you would wear much)
Bronzer to give a tanned glow
False eyelashes
Black liquid eye liner, which you will want to swoop out on the sides to give a cat eye effect
Black, Grey and Shimmery White eye shadow.  The white will go in the corners of your eyes, and on the crease.
The star looks cute on her, but personally I would do without.
Do your hair in big luscious curls.

Have FUN, and embrace your inner Barbie this weekend!

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