Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trend - Modern Grunge

While I was in NY, I was in a store in Soho called Brandy & Melville.
I LOVED it, and all I kept thinking was how everything 
reminded me of modern day grunge!
On the website, they even sell a Nirvana tee...how fitting!!

Kate Moss and Nicole Richie, are both style icons, and do this look well.

Key Elements for this trend:
-Denim (cutoff shorts, jackets, or vests)
-Lace (dresses, tops or shorts)
-Floral Dresses (must be mixed with something not so 
girly, like a denim vest or moto boots)
-Slouchy Sweaters (best off one shoulder)
-Boots (like what Kate has on above)
-Leather Jacket
-Crop Tops
-Black Tights (worn with a grunge dress or cutoff denim shorts)

The thing that makes this look modern is mixing one or two of these pieces into your outfit.
Great look for Summer Music Festivals!

It is a great trend element that makes you look like you have effortless, easy style.
Is this something that you would try?  Or maybe you already do!


  1. I love this style for some reason.. I think it reminds me of My So Called Life with Claire Danes

  2. Oh my gosh...yes! I love it too! I was out the other night, and my friend said that I looked like I walked straight out of the 90's haha I was not offended!!