Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day and Night Brunch Party NYC

So, I was in NYC last week, and over the weekend.
I always love visiting NY because of good friends, shopping, and now BRUNCH PARTIES!
Brunches have always been a big thing in the city over the weekend, 
but now two guys from OHIO have taken brunch to a new level at Ajna Bar.

The day starts out at 3pm with a variety of brunch foods that you share with your table such as, 
fresh mozzarella and tomato, sushi, fruit, salad, and then gourmet mini burgers, grilled cheese, etc.
Ladies dress in anything from jeans and a tank top to Herve Leger dresses.
People sip wine and champagne, get wild and dance to house music.

Here are a few my friends and I
I wore a coral sleeveless shirt dress with black tights, booties, and of course stacked bracelets on both arms.

Such a fun event, and a great combo of food and fashion!
Not sure if this trend will ever make it to Ohio, but I recommend it if you are in NYC!

First photo from Guest of a Guest

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  1. Happy New Year! That looks like so much fun! I just had a great new year’s event in a Chicago event space. I was thinking of visiting New York but then I got held up in Chicago and got to spend the new years with some great friends.